“The Walking Dead” Episode Stills Added

October 09, 2018

Hey all! I’ve added more episode stills of Melissa from the premiere of season 9 of The Walking Dead on Sunday. I also added a couple stills from the next episode. Episode captures will be up later today! Hope y’all enjoy!

“The Walking Dead” Photos Up-to-Date!

September 15, 2018

Hey all!

Finally, the gallery is completely up to date with The Walking Dead episode captures Melissa. I’ve also added stills for the premiere episode of Season 9 along with a couple of promotional images if you hadn’t checked them out already.

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“The Walking Dead” Episode Captures Updated

September 13, 2018

Hey all! So I’ve been slacking on the site lately, and I’m really sorry for that. In gearing up for the Season 9 premiere, I am getting the rest of the missing episode captures uploaded over the next day or two. I’ve started today with finishing up Season 3. I have a few episodes from Season 4 that also need adding plus the bulk of Season 8 and then we’ll be up to date! Stop back in a day or two or more updates!

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Gallery: Events Updated

July 03, 2018

Hey guys! So sorry for the lack of updates lately, I’m hoping to change that very soon. I’ve just updated the gallery with 2017 events Melissa attended. Hope y’all enjoy!

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“The Walking Dead” Episode Captures Added

November 28, 2017

Hey all! I’ve added screen captures of Melissa from her first 4 episodes of The Walking Dead season 8. I’ll add the last episode once the hubby and I finally watch it! Hope y’all enjoy!