The Walking Dead 5×06 “Consumed” Sneak Peek (Video)

November 12, 2014

Melissa McBride: Obviously, There’s Something Going on With Carol

October 25, 2014

The Season 5 premiere sealed it: The Walking Dead’s Carol Peletier is primetime’s reigning action heroine.

“She’s doing these extraordinary things that two years ago… she never would have fathomed she would be running around in a blanket full of guts, blowing things up,” actress Melissa McBride tells Yahoo TV about her character, Carol. “I love her. I’m so endeared by her.

“I was elated that the writers came up with this particular story for her, this role for her to play. I was so proud of her, creating that wonderful diversion. And I loved it that she was going to take it on at any cost, to try it, regardless of the consequences. She could be killed, she could be mistaken for a walker. Anything could’ve happened, but she was going to try, and I loved that.”

Carol’s badassery is going to be called on again and again this season, be it running off with Daryl to find Beth, as we saw her doing at the end of Episode 2, or helping her friends understand, as she puts it, that they can’t rely on luck to see them through their ever-more-dangerous world. McBride talked to Yahoo TV about why she gets so emotional about her character, why Carol is having a hard time reconnecting with her friends, and a cryptic preview of what’s ahead for Carol the rest of Season 5.

Before we jump into Season 5, when you were asked about Carol at New York Comic Con a couple of weeks ago, you became very emotional about her. What sparked that?
I get emotional when I think of her… just how far she’s come. I love the strength that she’s able to experience now within herself. My heart just goes out to anyone who has to struggle against anything like that. You think, “It’s never going to end. I can’t find the strength within myself to do what I know I need to be doing.” It’s such an internal conflict, and my heart goes out to anyone who has done what they needed to do to overcome that situation. Carol represents to me so many people who I know in my life who are still here, maybe still struggling, or who are not here anymore. [Carol] is definitely a hero to me and a hero to a lot of people who identify with her story so far. That makes me truly, genuinely, very happy.

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The Walking Dead 5×02 “Strangers” Episode Captures Added

October 20, 2014

I’ve added HD captures of Melissa from last night’s episode to the gallery, hope y’all enjoy!

Gallery Updates

October 18, 2014

A new promotional image and a couple new episode stills from the season premiere were added to the gallery!

Melissa McBride On Carol Taking On Mary, Reuniting With Daryl & Rick

October 13, 2014

Do not mess with Carol Peletier’s loved ones on “The Walking Dead.”

On Sunday night’s Season 5 premiere of the AMC zombie apocalypse drama, Melissa McBride’s Carol found an even deeper courage and inner strength as she heroically put herself in grave danger to save her old group and reunite Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) with his infant daughter Judith.

“I was really surprised that Carol had so much to do and [she was] being instrumental in helping them to get out,” Melissa told Access Hollywood, when asked to recall her first reaction to reading the Season 5 premiere script. “And then, the fight scene with Mary was very surprising and I couldn’t wait to get to it. It was a lot more than Carol has done, a whole other side of her, whole new requirements and I was so proud of her at just taking it, you know, just owning it and doing what she had to do. I was proud of her and happy and excited for the story, for everyone, and getting reunited so quickly.”

The Season 5 premiere was big TV, explosive and emotional, and driven by two strong and courageous characters, both changed by the events of Season 4 — Rick and Carol. Melissa spoke with Access about the big moments in the episode, including Carol’s emotional reunion with Daryl and that moment her character saw Rick again.

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